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Experience New Relationships.

New Life Camps and Retreats

Just the way you like it: Meeting nice people, relaxation in a friendly atmosphere complemented by insights from the Word of God – that is what a NEW LIFE holiday is all about. Enjoy our rustic “CampWest”, experience weekend retreats and seminars in our NEW LIFE Centre or join us on our travel excursions. Young or old, families, singles or seniors – all can experience refreshment for body and soul.

New Life English-Camps

Germany, like many other countries in old Europe, is in desperate need of the gospel and the English camps is one way that it is being preached. This is a great opportunity to be a part of building up the Kingdom of God and letting God use you to reach those who are in need of hearing about His love and grace.

Germany is home to about 81million people, but of that, only about 45% believe in God and 25% believe in Jesus. That is not to say they are active believers. The majority of the Christian population would be either Protestant or Catholic, with a sliver of evangelical denominations. A large percentage of Germans are either agnostic or atheist and although it has been a birthing ground for historical Christian people and events, the country is heading more in the direction of unbelief.


This is a great reason for supporting camps in Germany. Many of the kids coming to the camps either have never heard of Jesus or have heard but do not truly follow him actively. Many campers are challenged by the evening services and hear what it means to follow Christ. They can also see what it means to follow Christ by having you there any giving your time to teach them English and to love them unconditionally.

Our goal for our English Camps is to make Jesus known to kids that have never heard about Him and to help those who already know Jesus, bringing them closer and strengthening their relationship with Him. This happens through small group devotionals, praise and worship, scripture reading, chapel time and fellowship.


New Life (NEUES LEBEN) was founded in 1954 by the evangelist Anton Schulte. It is an interdenominational evangelical organization located in Germany. New Life‘s main focus is on direct and indirect evangelistic work among German-speaking people. This goals is reflected in the English Camps but also in many other ways which are not as present during our camps in the summer.




Wherever and whenever the Gospel is proclaimed more is happening that can been see with our eyes. It is a battle. And in this battle prayer is strongest weapon. Please pray for the staff, the volunteers and of course for the campers.


If you are interested in long- or short-term outreach please contact us.



Offering a good quality camp experiences is an expensive task yet we are committed to offering the camps at a low price. We want to reach as many teenagers as possible with the Gospel and in order to do that we look for people and organizations which support the camps. That allows us to offer
the camps at low rates and, where needed, provided further discounts. Please consider supporting the camps financially.